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Genre: Board Game/Card Battle
Players: 2-6 Players
Ages: 12+
Edition: Deluxe (December 2012)
Play Time: 60-90 minutes

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The Ultimate Rumble!

Dash to the goal or defend your territory? Sneak through your enemy’s defenses or use dirty tricks to bend the rules? Anything goes in Zerpang!, a 2-6 player battle royale of pure awesome.

Choose to play a band of incorrigible pirates, stealthy ninjas, toxic zombies, abducting aliens, relentless robots, or sharpshooting gunslingers. Boost your abilities by collecting cards from the six zones scattered around the board. Battle to prevent your opponents from reaching their own unique goals, while advancing yours. Then scramble your way to victory in this all-out brawl of domination and deceit!

(But don’t take too long, or everyone dies of old age and the elves win. Nobody wants that.)

Included in the box:

  • 1 Game Board
  • Instruction booklet
  • 108 Resource Cards
  • 6 Card Stands
  • 36 Pawns
  • 12 Zombie Infection Rings


If you are looking for a game where geek culture archetypes are creatively mixed and offer a unique area control, resource management, combat game, then do make room on your gaming table for Zerpang!
Father Geek (full review)

In the end, this is a deeply strategic game perfect for a gaming group... Kudos to Whirling Derby for an excellent game!
Chris Leder

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This deluxe edition of Zerpang! features wood composite pawns, a 0.4"-thick game board, and enhanced artwork. The standard (first) edition is also available for purchase.

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